Formed in 2000, Frontline Entertainment Agency was founded on a new ideal for representing talent and cooperating with like minded companies to accomplish their goals. In an ever growing, ever changing industry, FEA specializes in modern and innovative opportunities for their clients. The agency acts in a variety of capacities ranging from booking to consulting, as well as offering casting services to budding talent. Owned by a group of young executives with collectively over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, clients and projects have ranged from TV/Film/Publishing, event production, major record labels, technology startups, seasoned actors/models/singers/writers, and the individual with dreams of developing their talents, whatever they may be. FEA places special attention on creating long term careers and staying power for our clients with the goals of a strong foundation and lasting relationship with partners. From the aspects of well planned bookings and events, strategic marketing, and brand development, there is a well rounded growth potential for any individual or company. Recent companies to collaborate with FEA and our clients have included VH1, MTV, R.J. Reynolds, KOOL Cigarettes, Playboy Enterprises, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile, Anheuser Busch, Budweiser Select, Monster Beverage Co. and others.

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